Less Known Things About Crete

Crete is the largest island of the thousands of Greek islands. It’s not only its size makes it different. Let’s discover the less known things about Crete together.

First of all, I would like to create a photo of Crete in your mind by giving information about the island itself. The island of Crete is the largest of the 3,000-odd Greek Islands in Greece.

This island, which contains 8 different cities, also has a capital city Heraklion. There are 2 different airports on the island. One is in the capital, Heraklion. The other is in Chania, the island’s second largest city.

The island of Crete is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The fact that it is located in the Mediterranean and its surroundings are open ensures that the sea remains very clean. Along with its wide beaches such as Falasarna and Balos, you can also enjoy the sea from untouched bays such as Devil’s Harbor. But it would be unfair if I pass without mentioning Elafonissi. Another island within an island. But the kind that you can go on foot. Beach in white and pink color. And a perfect sea. If you are going to Crete, you should see Elafonissi.


Dako salad is one of them. Grated tomato on rusk bread and cheese on it. THIS mix is ​​called Dako or Cretan salad. While the cheese used in this salad is FETA in the mainland, ANTHOTYRO, which is a bit more like curd cheese, is preferred in the island of Crete.

We can say that the snail, which you will not come across much on the mainland, is the national food of the Cretans.

Or raki, which is often mixed with raki in Turkey… A flavor reminiscent of drowning raki, which is drunk in taverns and restaurants, where almost every family makes their own raki on the island of Crete. It is drunk straight. It is drunk as a shot. There is also a honeyed one. It is also called Rakomelo.



After making a general introduction about the island of Crete, there are 3 different topics that I think you have not heard before and that I would like to give detailed information about.

  • Xylouris family that has produced 3 generations of artists
  • Crete is the only place where blood feuds take place in Greece.
  • Cretans demanding independence from Greece


Crete is in the top 5 of the country in terms of tourism, paying the most taxes, attracting the most tourists and employment. In addition, olive and olive oil production on the island comes in the 2nd place.

As you can understand, a referendum for the independence of such a productive and productive place is prevented by politicians. But this does not change the reality. Even today, Cretans, when describing themselves, say that they were Cretans first and then Greeks .

You can also predict the election results of Crete, a community seeking independence. In any of the general elections held in Greece for the last 20 years, the right-wing parties cannot come out of Crete.



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